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AC Free Cooling Unit (ACFCU)
General Overview:
Free cooling is an economic method of using low outside air temperature, to cool the inside air of an equipment room. This helps in saving energy by reducing run time of Air conditioner. Principally, Instead of cooling warm air the system makes sure that the heat is transported out. The cool outdoor air is forced through the filter hoses, displacing the hot air in the shelter.
Salient Features:
Specially designed (43 deg ambient) for Telecom Application.
Very Low Power consumption around 120 -180 watt (FC Mode).
Monitors Temperature & Humidity Inside & Outside the Shelter.
Free Cooling Increases the Life of Electronic Components.
Filter Less technology for the Aircon part of the system.
Inbuilt AC controller allows AC operation only in case when outside Temp. & humidity is higher.
Low maintenance requirement.
IP 54 based design provides it a longer life (i.e. 20 years).
Depending on the ambient temperature conditions, provide 3000 to 7000 hrs cooling in a year without need of running the compressor.
Capacity : 1 TR
Parameter Unit Value
Power Consumption Watt 120
Maximum Air Flow CFM 900
Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 12052
Parameter Unit Value
Power Consumption Watt 1200
Maximum Air Flow CFM 600
Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 12285
Energy Efficient Ration 3
Sensible Heat Factor Cooling Mode 0.9
Refrigerant R- 22
Coefficient of Performance 2.85
Cooling Benefits:
Free cooling with low energy consumption - energy savings up to 95%.
Flexible installation for both existing and new telecom sites.
Free Cooling reduces energy consumption, CO2 and carbon footprint.
Reduced service visit due to large filters and quality components.