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Remote monitoring system
Active Distributed Antenna Systems
With the decade old experience in Passive Distributed Antenna Systems, Microqual has now entered into Active Distributed Antenna Systems.

Active DAS is achieved by connecting the radio base station to an optical 'master' unit. This interfaces to the radio equipment and performs the essential conversion process. Fibre optic cables from the master unit are then used to connect to a series of optical 'remote' units. These powered units convert the optical signal back to radio frequencies which are then distributed to radiating antennas using a conventional copper based network after amplification. Although copper is still used at each end, the optical system eliminates the requirement for long runs of copper coaxial cable.

With the onset of 3G, the number of carriers has drastically increased causing higher noise levels in Multi-operator DAS. Considering the future of traffic data and looking at packet data evolution, there is a trend for more symmetric services, which may change optimization requirements. It is necessary to deliver sufficient RF signal strength while keeping RF interference under control.
Benefits of Active DAS
  • System capacity can be tailored for each radiating antenna to maximize efficiency
  • The network can be efficiently and cost effectively extended as far as the fibre optic network reaches.
  • Support for Multi-operator Multiband
  • Adjustable Output dBm values
  • Negligible Passive Intermodulation problems
  • Economical for large properties
  • Easier O&M
  • Real time monitoring of the DAS