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GSM 900 Pico Repeater
Model No.: BDA-GSM-15-22-AA-VBX
High linearity & low noise amplifiers for maximal coverage
Compact size with high reliability
Simple installation
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Automatic gain balance for UL & DL channels
Designed to transmit GSM signal and meet ETSI Standards

Product Description:
Microqual Techno Ltd highly compact indoor repeater has been designed to enhance and extend cellular coverage into small size buildings, restaurants, underground areas, office buildings and other similar indoor environments.

The unit is very simple to install and can be set to automatically obtain maximal coverage.

Installing the unit requires two antennas: one on the outside of the building to receive incoming cellular signals from nearby base stations, and the other antenna inside the indoor coverage area. The unit is connected between the Outdoor & Indoor antennas to amplify both the base station and the mobile cellular signals.
  Parameter Specifications
  Frequency Range (down) 890.1-901.1 MHz
  Frequency Range (up) 935.1-946.1 MHz
  Output max Power UL& DL 15 dBm
  System Max Gain 70 dB ± 2
  Noise Figure @ Max Gain ≤ 5 dB
  Pass Band Ripple ≤ 5 dB p-p
  Out of Gain Band from frequency corner according to ETSI ±400 KHz < 50 dB
±600 KHz < 40 dB
±1MHz < 35 dB
±5 MHz < 25dB
  AGC & Manual Gain Ranges (Uplink & Downlink) 30dB
  VSWR 2:1 MAX
  Indicators \ Controls LED : DC power, TX Alarm ,DL Overpower &Shutdown
  Dimension 131mm X 232mm X47mm
  Connector N-Type Female or SMA Female
  Power Requirements 7.5 VDC, from included power supplier