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GSM\UMTS Dual Band Repeater
Model No.: BDA-GSM90-UMTS21-13-22-XBV
Dual band Low power repeater
Automatic gain control (AGC) for cellular base station signals (DL) to obtain maximal coverage
Automatic gain balance for UL & DL channels
High linearity & low noise amplifiers for maximal coverage
Simple installation
Designed to transmit GSM/UMTS signal
And to meet 3GPP Standards

UMTS 2100 specification:
  Parameter Specifications
  Frequency Range (down) 2110-2120 Mhz
  Frequency Range (up) 1920-1930 Mhz
  Output composite Power
Test mode 1, 64DPCH,
BW=3.84Mhz, 1FA, offset
±5Mhz, Gain=70dB
+13 dBm
  Gain 70 dB ± 2
  Gain tuning range 30 dB -AGC
  Noise Figure <8 dB ,@ max gain , 25C
  Out of Gain Band 0.2- 1 Mhz - 60 dB
1 -10 Mhz - 45 dB
>10 Mhz - 35 dB
  Pass band ripple 4dB p-p
  Group delay <4.5 μsec
  Spurious Emission According to 3GPP TS 25.106/143
This indoor dual band repeater was designed to extend cellular coverage into medium small size buildings, restaurants, small hotels, underground areas and parking, office etc.

The unit is simple to install and automatically set to obtain maximal coverage. Installing the unit requires one antenna outside to receive cellular donor signals, and the other antennas spread in the coverage area.
GSM900 Specification:
  Parameter Specifications
  Frequency Range (down) 935.1-946.1Mhz
  Frequency Range (up) 890.1-901.1Mhz
  Output composite Power +13 dBm
  Gain 70 dB ± 2
  Gain tuning range 30 dB -AGC
  Noise Figure <8 dB ,@ max gain , 25C
  Out of Gain Band ±400 KHz < 60 dB
±600 KHz < 50 dB
±1MHz < 35 dB
±5 MHz < 25dB
  Pass band ripple 4 dB p-p
  Group delay <4.5 μsec
  intermodulation Less then -36dBm
Electrical specifications:
  Power supply voltage Input 110-240VAC
Output 7.5VV/5A
  Weight Less then 5Kg
  Dimensions 463X 301.1X 95.8 (mm)
  Connectors SMA Female
  Temperature range 0C° to +50C°