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Hybrid Feeder Cable
Model No.: MFLHY03M62FPAPA001

Hybrid Feeder cable combines optical fiber & copper conductors for DC Power to Remote Radio heads in a single lightweight aluminium corrugated cable . It has extreme lightweight Aluminium construction. It offers both the electrical and Data Transfer services & connects up to 3 Sectors with a single cable. Its compact & unique design minimises installation time & complexity , offers better Shielding & provides good mechanical protection. It decreases tower load & eliminates need for expensive cable trays & ducts. Eliminates usual earthing cable & hence saves cost.

Construction: 3 Sector Hybrid Feeder Cableis is constructed with 6 single core Flexible Copper Power conductors & 6 Multimode optical fibers. All Power & Optical fiber cores are housed in a corugated ALuminium armor & is overall jacketed with black LDPE or Flame retardant PVC as per requirements.
Mechanical Parameters:
  Diameter over Corrugated aluminium armor 25.20 ± 0.1 mm
  Diameter Over Jacket 27.80 ± 0.2 mm
  Cu Conductor Dia 2.01 ± 0.1 mm
  Approx. Cable Weight 550 kg/km
  Minimum Bending Radius , Single Turn 120 mm
  Minimum Bending Radius , Repeated 250 mm
  Recommended Clamp Spacing 1.0 m
  Installation Temperature Range -20 to + 65 Deg C
  Operating Temperature Range -20 to + 65 Deg C
  Sheath Thickness(mm) > 1.0 mm
Electrical Parameters:
  Power cable Properties  
  Conductor Flexible Bare / Tinned Copper conductor Class 5 as per IS 8130 / BS 6500
  Nominal core Diameter 3.41 mm
  Isolation Flame Retardant PVC Jacket / LDPE
  DC Resistance aluminium armor 1.42 Ω / km
  DC Resistance power cable 8.21 Ω / km
  Peak Power Rating for Power cable 1100 V
Packed Dimensions:
  Fiber Optic properties  
  Fiber Optic version Multi/single mode
ITU - T G.651, G.652, G.655or G.657
  Fiber Attenuation @ 850 nm 3 dB / Km
  Fiber Attenuation @ 1300 nm 1 dB / Km
  Fiber Optic core/clad 50/125 or 9/125 μm
  Fiber Optic Primary coating ( acrylate) 250 μm
  Fiber Optic Secondary Protection (PVC) 900 μm
  Fiber Coating Acrylate coated optical Fiber with Thermoplastic Secondary coating
  Fiber Protection Aramid Yarn Layer & a PVC Jacket.