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Microqual service
Hybrid Telecom Solution
Our telecom hybrid systems are designed to be shipped to your location, installed within hours, and operate for years with little or no maintenance, fuel, or logistics. Our high-quality product solutions offer telecom operators the following advantages:
  • Opex reductions of up to 92%
  • Short ROI Periods
  • All in one telecom Hybrids units
  • Integrated monitoring and management solutions

The solution is designed with simplicity, practicality and functionality in mind.
The solution has all components combined into one unit for remote telecom sites that have bad, or no power grid supply.
Units are designed to maximize efficiencies around clients requirements.
Durable and reliable components have been used in the design of each aspect of solution to ensure long and reliable running life time.
Variable solar, wind and battery solutions available tailored around clients site requirements.
Solutions can either be grid tied or total off grid solutions.
Units can incorporate outdoor BTS units, therefore operator only having one cabinet for all site requirements.
Integrated management and monitoring system, for ease of control and invoicing on a rental basis.
CO2  reductions of up to 92%, to give operators the greener foot print and the environmental image required.
Operational expenditure reduced by as much as 92% dependant on client’s requirements and design criteria.
Solution has a small footprint.

Component Summary:
Cabinet, 2.175m x 1.7m x 2.2m
Bank of batteries
Generator (Sized in accordance to load sizing for system)
250 hour engine maintenance system
Regulated charging system
Fuel system inclusive of all tampering devices and fuel level indications in liters
1x19 inch rack 32U for Hybrid Electronics.
1x32U space for telecom equipment
Solar array for battery compensation with solar tracking system
Optional wind generator for additional battery compensation (dependant of area)