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Power Cable 4sqmm
Model No.: M29-5-041-2HA-000
General Specifications:
  Cable Size 4sqmm
  Rated Voltage 75oVolts
  Conductor Type Copper stranded conforming to IS8130:1984
  PVC Insulation 105oC conductor temperature grade of PVC insulating compounds
  Conforming to IS5831:1984. Type A PVC
  PVC Color Red
  Printed Layout Straight and bright
  Current Rating Conforming to IS3961 (Part-II)
  Compliance Conforming IS 694
Low smoke emission
Low Toxic gas emission
Low Acid gas emission
Electrical/Mechanical Specifications:
  Strand Dia. 0.2±0.02mm
  CR @ 20oC 1Ohm/Km
  Insulation Thickness 0.8 mm
  Elongation of Insulation In % 125% (Min)
  Tensile Strength 12.5Nm/mmsq