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Project management
Project Management Portal
The Microqual Online Project Management Portal is designed to provide everything there is to know about a project in one place and continuously updated to deliver insights from ordinary data.
Online Portal Provides Customer a Window on our work
  What work has been completed
  What has been scheduled
  Additional details about the work
Acts as a work-order generator for project managers
Provides clear visibility into sites on-track and sites needing attention
Seamless flow of information from site acquisition to site-on-air
Integration with Operations and Maintenance activities required for a site and status of O&M activity completion
Meaningful reports generated from portal
Alerts issued for activities associated with major milestones
Cuts construction schedule by 75% to 90+%
Minimal site preparation – no excavation / hard-rock / other issues
No weather related delays
Standard blocks in inventory for immediate deployment
Consistent quality of construction
Completely reusable foundation
Microqual provides our customers with complete access to the portal to create a culture of partnership with our customers – it is a new way of doing business, providing complete transparency about the project every step of the way.