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Remote Monitoring Unit
Introducing Microqual’s Remote Monitoring Solution:
The remote monitoring unit is capable of managing all the parameters remotely for the telecom cell site.
The Various benefits attached to this unit are:
To enable remote monitoring, control and data collection for all the distributed tower sites.
To be notified to manage passive infrastructure elements alarms and faults,
To minimize dependency on manual field operations,

The Remote Monitoring Unit would help in maximizing inventory efficiency (fuel), improve reporting and analytics and increase vendor accountability. This device helps in operational savings, increased availability of site and longer life of equipment through prompt feedback on condition and maintenance.

As the numbers of telecom cell sites are increasing day by day in the Indian Telecom Market (forecast of 3, 50,000 cell sites by March 2011) the operation and maintenance of these sites critical for the overall control of the operational expenditure & availability.

This device is designed to operate in harsh conditions at the telecom sites. The device is capable of sending this information on the GPRS/SMS network to the Operation Centre. The Operation Centre will store detailed information from the remote units and the status of various alarms. The Operation center would also be able to remotely set/reset the various parameters of the shelter so that the manual labour involved in the O&M is minimized.